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How To Clean A Concrete Floor

how to clean a concrete floor

    concrete floor
  • We use 3500 psi concrete with fibermesh reinforcement, vapor barrier, and expansion joints.  We also offer aprons, sidewalks, and other concrete you need poured while the truck is there.

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Girls at Ho Chi Min Guesthouse #2

Girls at Ho Chi Min Guesthouse #2

Strange things always seemed to happen in the Ho Chi Min guesthouse #2. Late one night an elderly Vietnamese man wearing a beret showed up at my door speaking German. I made it clear that I did not speak German and he left. About an hour later he opened my door again (no locks) with what appeared to be a motheaten stuffed cougar. How he thought I was going to backpack out of there with a 4 foot cougar is beyond me.

On my first day, these two girls showed up, came into my room and started looking through my stuff. They would spent lots of time just sort of staring. I tried to make conversation via sign language but they seemed uninterested. When I pulled out the camera the girl in the pink went outside and picked a flower. After one snap they refused any more pictures. They would sit in the room for a while and even stay there after I left. When I would return the room would be cleaned. As spotless as a room with a rough concrete floor can be. My clothes would be folded and my backpack organized.

In the mornings they would wake me up by standing outside my room and singing.

A few nights later I saw them with some truck drivers and it became clear they were the hotel's live-in prostitutes. I don't think either was more than 17. When they saw me realize what was going on I think they were embarrassed. They never made eye contact with me again.

San Francisco Federal Building

San Francisco Federal Building

The San Francisco Federal Building is a building designed by the architectural firm Morphosis. It is located at 90 7th Street on the corner of Mission and 7th Streets in South of Market, San Francisco. Thom Mayne of Morphosis designed the building using a concept of "resistance," juxtaposing gray concrete walls with custom, zig-zagged 9Wood wood ceilings[2]. The building was expected to be completed in 2005, but construction issues and delays pushed the project completion to 2007. The building has 18 floors of office space and stands 234 feet (71 m) tall.

The building was designed to be a 'green' building consuming less than half the power of a standard office tower -- an indication of how building design can help slash emissions of greenhouse gases. It is the first naturally ventilated office building on the west coast since the advent of air conditioning.

how to clean a concrete floor

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