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Large Clean Living Playpen : Blood Spill Clean.

Large Clean Living Playpen

large clean living playpen

  • A small portable enclosure in which a baby or small child can play safely

  • A playpen is a piece of furniture in which an infant or young toddler (typically those less than 35" tall and 30 lbs) is placed to prevent them from causing harm to themselves when their parent or guardian is preoccupied.

  • (n.) play-pen:   Where the Big Boys play hard with their big heavy toys, i.e. Great Dorset Steam Fair Heavy Haulage Arena. Often fenced with orange netting.

  • a portable enclosure in which babies may be left to play

  • at a distance, wide of something (as of a mark)

  • Of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity

  • Pursuing an occupation or commercial activity on a significant scale

  • above average in size or number or quantity or magnitude or extent; "a large city"; "set out for the big city"; "a large sum"; "a big (or large) barn"; "a large family"; "big businesses"; "a big expenditure"; "a large number of newspapers"; "a big group of scientists"; "large areas of the world"

  • Of greater size than the ordinary, esp. with reference to a size of clothing or to the size of a packaged commodity

  • a garment size for a large person

large clean living playpen - Straight Edge:

Straight Edge: Clean-Living Youth, Hardcore Punk, And Social Change

Straight Edge: Clean-Living Youth, Hardcore Punk, And Social Change

"In this, the first major scholarly study of the Straight Edge phenomenon, Ross Haenfler puts forth a richly compelling and very personal narrative, expertly applying his sociological training as he moves effortlessly between insider and outsider perspectives." Michael Kimmel, professor of sociology, SUNY at Stony Brook, and author of Manhood in America: A Cultural History
"Haenfler's well-grounded study of straight edgers uncovers the complexities and contradictions of a fascinating lifestyle movement and renders them understandable to all." Rob Benford, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Straight edge is a clean living youth movement that emerged from the punk rock subculture in the early 1980s. Its basic tenets promote a drug-free, tobacco-free, and sexually responsible lifestyle tenets that, on the surface, seem counter to those typical of teenage rebellion. For many straight-edge kids, however, being clean and sober was (and still is) the ultimate expression of resistance - resistance to the consumerist and self-indulgent ethos that defines mainstream U.S. culture.
In this first in-depth sociological analysis of the movement, Ross Haenfler follows the lives of dozens of straight-edge youths, showing how for these young men and women, and thousands of others worldwide, the adoption of the straight-edge doctrine as a way to better themselves evolved into a broader mission to improve the world in which they live. Although the original definition of straight edge focused only on the rejection of mind-altering substances and promiscuous sex, modern interpretations include a vegetarian (or vegan) diet and an increasing involvement in environmental and political issues.
The narrative moves seamlessly between the author's personal experiences and theoretical concerns, including how members of subcultures define 'resistance', the role of collective identity in social movements, how young men experience multiple masculinities in their quest to redefine manhood, and how young women establish their roles in subcultures. More than a unique window into one youth movement, this book provides fresh perspectives on the meaning of resistance and identity in any subculture.

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Shoot Your Shot

Shoot Your Shot

Born on 19 October 1945, American singer and actor Glen Harris Milston made his name as his alter ego Divine -- the larger than life, outrageous transvestite, the self-proclaimed queen of bas tast and sleaze.

Though he was later to make his mark in music, the cinema was where Divine first made an impression -- an no-one who saw him in 1972's "Pink Flamingos" will ever forget it. Director John Waters, who first worked with Divine in 1966's "Roman Candles", set him in a trailer home with pink plastic flamingos in the garden (hence the title) and a senile mother who lived in a playpen. As a contender for the title of Filthiest Person In The World he had to eat dog dirt, which ensured the movie notoriety (and eventually cult status).

The follow-up, "Female Trouble" (1975), saw Divine playing both sides of the gender divide as a teenage runaway (female) and an unshaven truck driver (male) who picks her up on the road. Six years later "Polyester" saw him co-star as frustrated housewife Francine Fishpaw who finds solace in Drive-In theatre owner Todd Tomorrow, played by clean-cut 50s heart-throb Tab Hunter.

It was in the early 80s that Bobby Orlando, otherwise know as Bobby O, realised Divine's potential as a 'disco diva'. Bobby O, who produced the Pet Shop Boys first single, was one of the leading producers oh Hi-NRG: fast-paced dance music that began in American gay clubs in the late 1970s. His first collaboration with Divine, "Shoot Your Shot", was a huge club hit but did not dent the charts. "Love Reaction" became Divine's first Top 75 hit, but his commercial breakthrough came as a result of his collaboration with legendary songwriting/production team Stock Aitken Waterman in 1984. The result was "You Think You're A Man", which reached No. 16 and was their first hit production (with many more to follow in the next decade).

As Pete Waterman recalls: 'When we finished "You Think You're A Man" we were told it was far too good and we had to remake it. Divine was at the airport but we had to get him back so that instead of singing the number he could shout the lyrics'. Waterman remembers Divine with affection: 'He was lovely bloke and the records we made with him were our first major challenge'.

The follow-up "I'm So Beautiful" was a more modest hit, but the camped-up covers for the Four Seasons "Walk Like A Man" and Sam Cooke's "Twistin' The Night Away" fared better.

Divine then returned to making movies, starring in a dual role as housewife and Baltimore TV station owner in the classic "Hairspray". Sadly on 7 March 1988 Divine died in Hollywood of a hear disease, bringing to a premature end the life of one of the truly outrageous characters of the late 20th century.

Eureka's Clean Living Kids Contest Finalist

Eureka's Clean Living Kids Contest Finalist

Holden and Harrison W, 4 and 2 - Illinois

“I love to clean because it helps people because I really love to do it because I care about people. Vacuums help me in case something like the floor gets dusty! Vacuums help get juice spills up but make sure to use a little cleaner too.” -- Holden W., age 4 of Orland Park, Ill. “I love cleaning the house with Papa. If I break it, I can fix it with the vacuum!”

large clean living playpen

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