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Cleaning Grease Stains

cleaning grease stains

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Grease Stains

Grease Stains

On the back of my sketchjournal. I was painting at the kids' table the other day and neglected to wash it after they'd had lunch...oops! I've been experimenting with ways to clean it and have settled on a bit of dish soap sponged on gently and a damp cloth and blotting to rinse it away. The brown paper is Canson Mi-Tientes and won't withstand much scrubbing (I used a scrap to see what would work, with several test grease spots applied). The Mr Clean Magic Eraser did ok, but not as thorough as the dish soap.

Grease Stain

Grease Stain

I really like the way our Waste Veggie Oil works as a oil stain.
Normally we collect the oil and clean it up for our car, but we have
used it on our cold frames and outdoor trim in the past with great
results. I would not try to use this WVO as a stain on the following:

- indoor wood
- anywhere high humidity climates
- anything you sit on our have regular contact with

This trick is great for our dry desert scene.

cleaning grease stains

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