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Clear View Window Cleaning

clear view window cleaning

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Clean Machine laundromat & car wash

Clean Machine laundromat & car wash

Belleville, IL

This business appears to have been closed for a little while, so I was peeking in the windows (as I tend to do when confronted with a defunct establishment, for whatever reason). Sometimes, when I can't get a clear view, I'll put the camera lens up to the glass and take a photo--and what appears on the view-screen will be somewhat better-lit. I was doing that when a truck pulled up and the driver asked me what I was doing. "Takin' pictures!" I said. (DUH.) "Of the INSIDE?" he asked skeptically. I explained that I like rusty old machines, and that's basically what was inside the part of the car wash I was standing next to. Still not quite satisfied, he persisted: "Does the owner know what you're doing?"

My response--"Does it look like the owner even knows what HE'S doing?" got a chuckle out of the guy, and he drove away and left me alone. No idea who he was. Off-duty cop, maybe? Or just another busybody like me?

the sliding windows @ Nan-Chuu

the sliding windows @ Nan-Chuu

they clear away the dirty dishes thru those sliding windows~ I thought that's quite a neat idea cuz not only the sliding windows add to the Japanese decor, but they also block away the viewing of piles of dirty dishes since that's right next to the key path to washrooms.

I can't believe that at the super famous Nobu's original restaurant Matsuhisa in Beverly Hills, the back bussing area with the piles of dirty dishes would be in full clear view when you pass to the washrooms... Come on, at any restaurant, no diners would want to see that!!!

so there, I thought this design is rather nice and clean~

clear view window cleaning

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