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Glasses cleaning solution : Scan and clean registry : Should hair be clean or dirty when coloring.

Glasses Cleaning Solution

glasses cleaning solution

  • furnish with glass; "glass the windows"

  • A pair of binoculars

  • spectacles: optical instrument consisting of a frame that holds a pair of lenses for correcting defective vision

  • A pair of lenses set in a frame resting on the nose and ears, used to correct or assist defective eyesight or protect the eyes

  • (glass) a brittle transparent solid with irregular atomic structure

Johnnie Walker...:P

Johnnie Walker...:P

Well, was planning to shoot bokehs again but then decided to shoot liquor & glass as I had not tried it before.. Dad had a bottle of JW black label which was gifted to him. He doesnt drink and so the bottle was full, good for me.. :P. I borrowed some from my frnds dad and used it for the glass.. :). Sadly my friend was not there and the whisky in the glass went waste as I dont drink. The shot was taken in my room, on my computer table. A glass was placed below the subject to get the clean reflections. Also, it is better that people always clean the glass with a nice tissue and glass cleaning solution before taking the final shot.

Hope u guys like it.


Strobist Info:

SB600 @ 1/4th power from camera right mounted with DIY GOBO's to prevent light falling on to the background and also to avoid flare.

A sheet of tracing paper was used to diffue the light from the strobe.

3 DIY reflector cards were used to light up the fine details engraved on the bottle.

Also used 2-3 Black cards as Cutters to restrict light from falling on unwanted portions on the glass placed below the subject and the bottlle.

PS: Adjusted the levels, saturation and sharpness and converted to JPEG from RAW.

Spring Has Sprung - Handpainted Fused Glass Pendant

Spring Has Sprung - Handpainted Fused Glass Pendant

I painted this fused glass pendant in a whimsical fashion to portray the first emerging flower of Spring. The flower has a ruby red cubic zirconia in the center to catch the light and add some "bling". The background glass peeks through the painting making the scene look 3D. The pendant bail is sterling plated. The pendant is 1-1/2" X 1-1/4"and hangs from an 18 inch dyed to match leather cord with silver colored ends and lobster claw clasp. The glass paint is permanent with proper care. The pendant can be cleaned with water and a mild soap solution.

glasses cleaning solution

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